1. Reuben Rogers: The things I am (Renwick Entertainment)
2. Aaron Goldberg: Home(Sunnyside)
3. Aaron Goldberg: Worlds (Sunnyside)   
4. Aaron Goldberg: Turning point (J Curve)
5. Aaron Goldberg: Unfolding (J Curve)
6. Adonis Rose: Song for Donise (Criss Cross)
7. Adonis Rose: The Unity (Criss cross)
8. Adonis Rose: On the Verge (Criss Cross)
9. Alto Legacy: Featuring Phil Woods, Vincent Herring, etc. (Key Stone)
10. Anthony Wonsey: The Exodus (Alfa Music)
11. Benny Reid: Findings (Concord Records)
12. Bob Reynolds: Can’t wait for perfect (Fresh Sound)
13. Carl Allen: Testimonial (Atlantic)
14. Charles Lloyd: Rabo de Nube (ECM)
15. Charles Lloyd: Mirror (ECM)
14. Darren Barrett: First one up (J Curve)
15. Darren Barrett: Deelings (J Curve)
16. Denzal Sinclaire: Denzal Sinclaire (Verve)
17. Denzal Sinclaire: My one and only Love (Verve)
18. Dianne Reeves: A Little Moonlight (Blue note)
19. Dianne Reeves: Christmas time is here (Blue note)
20. Dianne Reeves: When you know (Blue note)
21. Dion Parson: People Music (Tahmun Records)
22. Donald Harrison: Free to be (Impulse)
23. Donald Harrison: Nouveau Swing (Impulse)
24. Dre Barnes: Wandering spirits
25. Eljiro Nakagawa: Babe (King Records)
26. Gaspare Di Lieto: Waltz for My Son (YVP Music)
27 Helio Alves: Musica (Jazz Legacy Productions)
28. Irvin Mayfield: Introducing… (Basin Street)
29. Jesse Davis: Soul Heirs (Zoojazz)
30. Jimmy Greene: True Life Stories (Criss Cross)
31. Jimmy Greene: Gifts and Givers (Criss Cross)
32. Jimmy Greene: Mission Statement (Raz Daz)
33. John Ellis: By a Thread (Hyena Records)
34. Joshua Redman: Beyond (Warner bros.)
35. Joshua Redman: Passage of time (Warner bros.)
36. Joshua Redman: Back east (Nonesuch)
37. Joshua Redman: Compass (Nonesuch)
38. Kathy Kosins: Vintage (Mahogony Jazz)
39. Kate McGarry: Target (Palmetto)
40. Kate McGarry: If Less is more, Nothing is Everything (Palmetto)
41. Larry Mcllelan: Movin’ Up (Igmod Records)
42. Laurent Coq: Spinnin (Cristal Records)
43. Marcus Printup: Song for a beautiful woman (Blue note)
44. Marcus Printup: Unveiled (Blue note)
45. Mark Whitfield: Trio Paradise (Vega Records)
46. Masa Hiko Osaka: Crossfade (King Records)
47. Matthias Lupri: Same Time Twice (Summit Records)
48. Michel Sardaby: Karen (Soundhills)
49. Mike Carn: In Focus (Criss cross)
50. Nicholas Payton: Gumbo Noveau (Verve)
51. Nicholas Payton: Nick@night (Verve)
52. Nicholas Payton: Payton’s place (Verve)
53. Nicholas Payton: Dear Louis (Verve)
54. Peter Beets: New Groove (Criss cross)
55.Peter Beets: Chopin meets the Blues(Criss Cross)
56. Peter Martin: In the PM (Max Jazz)
57. Ralph Bowen: Keep The Change (Criss Cross)
58. Richard Boulger: The Calling
59. Ron Blake: Upfront and personal (Tahmun Records)
60. Ron Blake: Sonic Tonic (Mack Avenue)
61. Stephanie K.: Subterranean Dream
62. Taylor Eigsti: Let it come to you (Concord)
63. Takana Miyamoto: It’s All Up To You
64. Teodross Avery: In Other Words (GRP Records)
65. Tenor Legacy:Tenor Legacy w/ Max Ionata,Daniele Scannapieco,Clarence Penn (Picanto records)
66. Tom Harrell:  Wise Children (Bluebird)
67. Toru Dodo: 116 West 238 st. (Jazz city Records)
68. Toru Dodo: Dodo (Jazz city records)
69. Victor Goines: Love Dance (Criss cross)
70. Walter Smith: Casually Introducing Walter Smith the 3rd (Fresh Sound)
71. Wycliffe Gordon: The Gospel Truth (Criss Cross)
72. 21st Century: 21st Century (Tahmun Records)
73. 21st Century: Live @ Dizzy’s Club Coca Cola